About Us!

The Howarth United Methodist Church is a commu­nity of people who are informed and transformed by Jesus Christ, woven together, and empowered to be God’s ambassadors to our city and beyond. So, as the Church and the body of Christ we gather together, worship together, pray for one another, encourage one another, forgive one another, and support our community. 

What we celebrate.

1st WE CELEBRATE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF CARING. We gather to celebrate the good work God is doing in our midst and to recognize and witness how God continues to touch our lives individually and as a church.

2nd WE CELEBRATE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF LEADERSHIP. It is through of faithful leaders we share our hopes, vision and challenges now and for the future.

3rd WE CELEBRATE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF STEWARDSHIP. We are a church of faithful givers as we continue to provide for our local missions and across the world.

4th WE CELEBRATE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS TO PRAY. We gather to pray and re-commit ourselves to the work that God has before us. Ministry is not easy. Community is not easy. Mission is not easy. Engaging the CHURCH in today’s culture is not easy. And as such, we gather to encourage one another while continually praying and submitting ourselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

5th WE CELEBRATE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF VISION. We are aware that once we stop dreaming, risk-taking, and visioning, we stop pursuing the mission of God. The Howarth Church is unique in our passionate commitment to looking to the future. Our stories, reports, photos, finances, budget, and overall report all reflect our passion for the Gospel.

6th WE CELEBRATE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS OF BEING PART OF THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY. We believe in the priesthood of all believers in Jesus Christ.  We gather to share our concerns, hopes and joys for one another, our church AND TO OTHERS though out of local community and our ministry. So, as a community, we lovingly ask ourselves: are we doing what God is calling us to do? Are we pursuing our vision and goals?

It is our hope that that the Howarth UMC will continue to be the “Spiritual Beacon of Light” as we spread the Good News to this congregation, the communities around us and to the world. 

History of Howarth

John Howarth provided the land on which this Greek Revival schoolhouse was built in 1859. The building served the community as a place of worship for the Howarth United Methodist Church and as an Oakland County school. The Methodists moved to new building across the street in 1898; however, the building was used as a school until 1955 when the Orion township school system was consolidated. The church then acquired the building for its vacation Bible school and its annual Christmas bazaar

Howarth School